Hey ya'lll!

This post is super impromptu but we simply couldn't help ourselves. As we prepare for the launch of theSPOT's site + podcast, we've been scouring the internet for like-minded brands to follow/support/introduce ourselves to. With the exception of a few phenomenal brands, the large majority of what we came across was...CRAY! The amount of outlandish advice out there is really surprising. What we found was so one-sided and so judgmental that we can't see it ever really helping a person who's in distress. "If your man deletes anything off his phone, he's definitely cheating" - huh?! "The woman you fall in love with is the one most like your mother <3" - what??

We understand there's no single way to give advice but here at theSPOT we believe advice should follow certain parameters.  There are a few mantras, if you will, that we like to follow when assessing a situation and taking on the huge responsibility of advising on someone's troubles. Episode 1 of the podcast covers this and a lot more but check out a sneak peak below!

I) When giving advice, think about them not about you. 

Obviously, we give advice based on our experiences in life therefore the advice is a direct reflection of that. But when offering advice to someone else, practice empathy. Put yourself in that persons shoes and give the advice that best fits the situation. Don't put your personal feelings or judgments into the advice. Use your experiences, not your biases. 

II) Give someone the tools to figure out what's best for them.

Even though off the bat it may seem like advice is literally telling people what to do, the best advice is one in which the person is able to arrive at a solution to the problem on their own. We truly believe that as individuals we all know what's best for us wayyyyy deep down inside. It's just that there are thoughts and thangs that get in the way. Advice-giving should attempt to clear all the noise so that you can hopefully come to your own conclusions.  Besides, who knows you better than you? Trust us, it's way more rewarding that way - for everyone. 


You won't be doing anyone any favors by sugar coating stuff or holding back. Be as honest, direct & truthful as you can possibly be. A person seeking advice needs real help and it's your job to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothin' but the truth! One exception though☝️- there is a very big difference between being honest and being harsh. Don't be harsh bro. There's no need for it. "F*ck men" or "You're really dumb if you take him back" or even "You're clearly being weak by letting her take advantage of you like that." <-- There are definitely better ways to say these things. 

We hope this little tidbit was helpful. Stay tuned for Episode 1 of the podcast for more on this! 

Thanks for reading!