Meet Pam.

The Why...
A Saturday spent snooping on the next door neighbors'  lover's spat was the catalyst for theSPOT. The girl on the other side of the wall was hysterical and all I could think of was, "I really hope she has someone to talk to after this." There are moments in life when we as women must deal with relationship issues, romantic or otherwise, and we have absolutely no one to turn to for advice. Or we may even have really good friends but we don’t want to ask them for advice out of fear of being judged or seen as weak. That's when it hit me! What if there was a place where women could anonymously submit their most trying relationship and friendship questions and receive honest, no frills advice? No judging, no biases, just straight-forward insight by real women. Real women, real answers. I wanted to create an online community focused on helping women let out all that bottled up frustration and angst that can build up when you have an issue that seems insurmountable.

The Who...
I am a NYC attorney turned modern-day Dear Abby, here to help women solve their most trying relationship problems. As founder of theSPOT podcast,  I answer your burning questions with straight-forward, no frills insight. Unlike the endless blog posts with tips and tricks on how to snag your husband-to-be, I believe my advice is more pragmatic. It begins on the inside, it begins with you.

Originally from The Bronx, I graduated from law school in 2011 and now work for one of NYC's biggest law firms. I love to dance, I'll try any dish you put in front of me (except gooey fruit. Death to gooey fruit!) and my absolute favorite past time is having a good laugh with friends. 

Find me at @thespotpod.