#3 (Part I) - Love is Blind (?)

Hola people!

If you're counting, this episode is a tad bit late. If you're not, whoo hoo Episode 3!!! 😏

Because this topic was filled with so much STUFF and I've been wanting to try something new, I broke it down for ya'll into two bite sized portions. Below is Episode 3 - Part I (Part II will be available in two weeks). Let me know what you think of this format!

My guest on this episode is 'ElizTalks' - a blogger and social media guru who talks a lot about love, relationships, friendships and any other juicy situation life throws at her.  We definitely had a lot to say so I can't wait for you to listen! Is love blind? Do women choose to be blind? Are you blind? Ahhhh, so many questions!

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