#2 - Playaa Hataa

Episode 2 is all about haters, what to do with them and what happens when you realize you're the actual hater 😳

Soooo happy that I was able to have some members of my Tier A as my guests for this episode. Falosha, Adobea, Diana & I talk hateration, we drink loose juice, we drop friendship gems - we even play a game!

As always, thanks to our amazing engineer Jesus at Lounge Studios!

#1 - Advice, Friendship and Everything NOT in Between

Hey hey hey! Episode 1 is ready to gooooo! 

We had such a great time a few weeks ago recording at Lounge Studios in NYC. My guest on this episode, Indira, is a Personal Development & Business Coach (aka Life Coach) and the creator of the Innertia Project. Together, Indira and I dissected advice-giving topics like: judgmental advice, biased advice, privacy issues related to advice and a whole lot more! We even got a special delivery of loose juice ;) (Shout out to our intern friend!)

If you haven't already done so, take a listen to the short Intro I recorded giving an overview of what theSPOT is all about and what I hope to create with you guys. 

Check out Indira on IG and Twitter at @innertiaproject and on her amazinggggg site InnertiaProject.

Follow theSPOT on IG and Twitter at @thespotpod and if you want to check out the episodes on iTunes, find them here or on SoundCloud, here

Special thank you to Jesus & Blue at Lounge Studios!!


Intro to Season 1

Whoop whoop!! Welcome!

To get you started on all things theSPOT, I created a short intro to kick off Season 1 🎉You'll hear a little bit about why I started theSPOT but mostly what I hope theSPOT will mean to YOU. 

Any comments, questions, feedback - hit me up at pam@thespotpod.com.